Knowledge Expansion Manual

You will discover the same laws of nature in anything and everything! This is the principle upon which the KNOWLEDGE EXPANSION MANUAL has been worked out.

The modern students often say that they have volumes to study. The teachers too say that they find it difficult to transfer vast quantities of knowledge to students. Another group of people argue that our  understanding of nature expands with the expansion of knowledge.  Yet, another group of people claim that our knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate. I too believed that these statements are true. But, I was interested in knowing the mechanism of expansion of knowledge. I thought understanding the mechanism of expansion knowledge is more important than just merely acquiring knowledge. I undertook the study on the mechanism by which our knowledge expands. I found that knowledge expands through the same laws of nature. Also, a detailed study reveals that expansion of knowledge does not expand our understanding of nature! you may not believe it.

Biochemistry tells us that all the organisms have the same biochemical plan. Genetics tells us that all the organisms have the same genetic plan. Chemistry tells us that all the reactions follow the same thermodynamic and kinetic principles. Mathematics tells that the behaviour of one system can be predicted from the behaviour of another system, what one calls as ‘model.’

Nature is biology and biology is chemical reactions and chemical reactions are the physics of the outer electron shell of the atom: thus because the laws are below the limit size of biology the macroscope world will have the same influence.

Here is the document  My Nature, Your Nature and the Nature of everything, which illustrates that our understanding of nature does not expand with the expansion of knowledge. I find that my nature is the nature of everything. You will also find that your nature is the nature of everything!  From this document one can easily discern the mechanism by which human knowledge expands.  [for online reading]  [for printing]

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the author, Sivashanmugam at:


4 Responses to Knowledge Expansion Manual

  1. Sudhalakshmi says:

    This is a highly informative document. I got some good reading!

  2. Archana says:

    Unacceptable, but cannot be refuted.

  3. Panni says:

    perfect work

  4. Tharangai says:

    The uniform nature of physical laws is the hallmark of science. What works for me, will work for you. Gravity on Earth works the same way as gravity on the moon or on Venus or in the Andromeda Galaxy. Further, we find the same physical laws throughout time. And, in fact, we can test many of these things by looking through the lens of astronomy looking not only away in space but time. We find the same natural laws at present throughout.

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