Awarding degrees to oneself is ethically and legally correct

Everyone knows that the Principal Sheik Mohamed enjoys the support of members of Jamal Mohamed College Management and Sivashanmugam enjoys the support of the International Academic Community. Hell is going to break on Jamal Mohamed College. Since 19th day of December 2010, the day when Sheik Mohamed awarded M. Phil., Management degree on himself, Sivashanmugam has gone for international campaign against the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College. Sheik Mohamed is arranging lawyers in Tamilnadu to put Sivashanmugam in jail. Sivashanmugam is arranging lawyers in New Delhi to jail Sheik Mohamed. Who is going to be in jail? Sheik Mohamed or Sivashanmugam?

Jamal Mohamed College Management and its Principal say that awarding degrees to oneself is ethically and legally correct. Sivashanmugam and his supporters say that awarding degrees to oneself is ethically, academically and legally incorrect. The University Grants Commission of India is thoroughly confused in this issue because this is the first time in its history an autonomous college principal registers himself as student in the college where he is the principal. In the middle of this mess, it appears that Sheik Mohamed threatened Sivashanmugam to death. Sivashanmugam, the communist son of a capitalist father, has gone wild. He is making endless appeals to the Prime Minister, President, Chief Justice of India and all the subordinate authorities associated with Indian Academic Administration.

Sheik Mohamed and Jamal Mohamed College management may bribe the judiciary as in the past. But, here is my Judgement: “Awarding degrees to oneself is academically, ethically, politically, socially incorrect. Dr. Sheik Mohamed is not an innocent subject. He knows all the rules and regulations of University Grants Commission of India. Dr. M. Sheik Mohamed, the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College must be jailed for abusing the powers granted by the University Grants Commission of India and for violating the basic academic norms.”

The supporters of Sheik Mohamed may have a different opinion. The may argue that Sivashanmugam should be jailed since he had raised questions on the legal and ethical aspects of awarding degree to oneself. Principal Sheik Mohamed and the Jamal Mohamed College may think to book Sivashanmugam and me under the cybercrime acts. Expressing one’s opinion and exposing the crime that is going to happen is not governed by cybercrime. This public letter is to express my support to Sivashanmugam. Jamal Mohamed College Management is free to file any number of cases against me for expressing my support to Sivashanmugam, the biophysical chemistry professor of Jamal Mohamed College.

Let us stand with Justice and Truth!

Mrs. Marya Kutty, Ernakulam


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