Peria pottal patti is a viilage near to the town Sivakasi in Virudhunagar district of the Indian state of Tamilnadu. Nearly 1200 people live in this village. It has two big part as East and West extension. In the middle of the village, a roundana diverts the way to vilampatti, to Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College and to Sivakasi. Mostly Hindus and few christians are found in this village. Moreover a good literacy rate in children’s education can be found.


Peria Pottal Patti has a history of more than 300 years and it has seen above six generations of people. The name Peria Pottal Patti is put, because of having large empty lands over there “pottal” (in Tamil slang) means “the land has not been used for agriculture”. There was a story, how the people started their life at this place. At first there where the very less people of Kambalatha Naickar were lived. There were come to be known as around 40 members only lived. Traditionally they were thought to be as the people have belonged to King family generations. Moreover they had the power of spiritual speech and cultured life. After few years, these Scheduled caste people have came and started to survive over there. Later on, the Kambalatha Naickar people felt uncomfortable and they had moved away from there. While, the Scheduled Caste people apologized for that situation and requested them for their blessings to live long generation by generation. They blessed and moved away from there. Still the small place left as a Holy place at the center of the village. At that place only today’s the most devine and powerful temple of “Arul Mighu Sri Kaliamman” was constructed by the people own.

Culture and Festivals

* Aadi thiruvizha and Panguni Pongal

Every year Aadi thiruvizha festival is celebrated for “Arul Mighu Sri Kaliamman” on August (Aadi in Tamil month)in a grand manner. And Panguni Pongal is celebrated for “Mariamman Aalayam” on April. For these both festivals are celebrated for ten days from the day of Flag Hoisting in the respective temple with various events like ‘Valli thirumanam’-drama, Kuravan kurathi aattam (street plays), Women’s Kummi paattu, cinema play on screen and various sports events for young students and people.


Periapottalpatti is a village located 5Km away from the town Sivakasi towards west.It also belongs to sivakasi west villages.It is about 3Km away from the subtown Reserve line towards southWest, 1.5Km away from the Vilampatti village toward north and 0.5Km from A.Thulukkapatti towards north.


The industries around this village grew out of the economic struggles of people in villages. There are so much of Fire works industries, such as ‘Ariyammal Fire works’ Durga Fire works, Shenbaga vinayagar Matches works, Lord Fire works ect.. It totally washed away the unemployment among the people. But Child Labour is completely eradicated.

Arul Mighu Sri Kaliamman Temple

It is the mother temple ever built over the villages around sivakasi for Arul Mighu Sri Kaliamman, the protecting goddess. This temple is maintained by the “committee of Peria Pottal Patti Hindu Deivendra Kula Velalar Devasthanam”. “Kumbabhishekam” for this temple was celebrated. Kumbabishekam for the “Gopura kalasam” was celebrated grandly with the participation of all the nearby village people. Every Tuesday and Friday, the special pooja is held. The “Powrnami Pooja” is celebrated grandly on the every full moon day, where huge people come to worship the Goddess.


The well academic faculties and educational institutions for schooling and higher professional studies are very close to this village. One government middle school serves in the village. Around 90% of the children passed out with good academic results through A.V.M.Nadar Higher Secondary School, vilampatti. And through Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College (ANJAC), Arasan Ganesan Polytechnique (A.G.P) most of the students get into good positions in society. Every educational institutions here stride for discipline and integrity of students. Parents also give so much priority to their children’s education.


Peria Pottal Patti has its own Panjayath President. It belongs to the Sivakasi- (Lok sabha Constituency).


The committee of Peria Pottal Patti Hindu Deivendra Kula Velalar Devasthanam maintains all the temples and festivals in this village. The central government sponsored Nehru Ughendira sangam, One NGO, SPEECH serves for children and student’s education.There are several women self supporting committee functioniing successfully. “Sindanai Thozhorgal Iyakkam” is going to be actively functioned by Students.


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