I have those which you have

I have those which you have.
You have those which I have.
You will tend to deny this.
I have eyes. You have have also eyes.
I have blood. You have blood.
I have intellignece. You have intelligence.
I have knowledge. You have knowledge.
I have heart. You have heart.
I have love. You have love.
I have faith. You have faith.
I have friends. You have have friends.
I have DNA. You have DNA.
I have genes. You have genes.
I have confusion. You have confusion.
I see change. You see change.
I am different. You are different.
I am one. You are one.
I have desire. You have desire.
I have humanity. You have humanity.
I have relationship. You have relationship.
I have substitute. You have substitute.
I have which you have.
You have which I have.
Deny it!


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