I see something strange in this world

Just I am randomly picking pictures from Internet. I think I have crossed my boozing limit. What else will happen with my life. Wheter alcohol helps to solve any problem or not, but it definitely helps me to forget all the past, present and future. What went wrong with sivashanmugam? It all happened with the crooked principal of jamal mohamed college. Yes, he is crooked. A person who have learned to cheat everyone. Truth has no respect. Of course, truth has no respect in the modern society. If truth could have some value, will sivashanmugam ruin his life? Who says sivashanmugam had ruined his life? They are the criminals. My beloved fellowmen and women had landed up in honouring the crime. The need money. The want to have just a life. They have life. Do they live with it? Having life and living are entirely different thing.
A vice chancellor of an Indian University says that he has resigned since he was under political pressure. Another vice chancellor, he had taken bribes because he became vice chancellor by bribing. UGC says that the degrees which one awards for himself are legally valid. What kind of hell is this? Is there any morality? Is there any ethics? It is also very painful one of the old idiot told me that raising voice against crime is a crime! What nonsense is this? My fellowmen and women has go answer this question.

Anyway, bye for all.
It is the end of sivashanmugam.
Have a world free of sivashanmugam. Be happy. I do not want to disturb anyone.


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