A New Beginning for my life?

A New Beginning for my life?

Alright so I know many of you know, that I’ve had some rough past few months. Here’s how I see it. Tonight, one last stand was all it took for the negative foundation of a house of cards to fall. After several months of dealing with an overbearing, obnoxious person, I let the foundation collapse with one stand. You see, for a new life to begin, the negativity of the current foundation must all be cleansed. That means jobs have to change, losing money…It means wipe the slate clean of everything. Which is what happened today. The biggest weight of negativity holding that foundation up, was the abuse and bully nature of my roommate. With a few words, the weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am free. Some tears were shed by me, but they were the tears of peace. It was my soul’s way of saying, you did it. You took the final leg out of the foundation. Now the ball is in your court. It’s up to you to decide how you want to build that house of cards. Because that new foundation is going to set up the rest of your life. Where will you go? What will you do? I do not know, but with my friends, with my girl, with my family, the new journey, will be, simply


A little repetitive in the format of your slides.
Nice information, I am a Molecular Biologist
and I give you two thumbs up!

I strongly believe that the science investigates the nature.
Here is my work: MY NATURE, YOUR NATURE AND THE NATURE OF EVERYTHING [ http://tiny.cc/mynature ].
I like to hear your sincere comments on it. There may be so many errors in it

Yours truly,

Sivashanmugam. P.,

2, First street, New Colony,
Tiruchirappalli – 620020 – India

Mobile: +91-9655666148

The laws of nature are Universal.



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