What controls your dreams…

Bear, black Bad days has been arrived
Bear, white Good luck
Black animal, except elephant Be alert you may get life problem
Black cobra Honor from govt. Or miscarriage (in case of pregnant lady)
Caged bird Peace in life
Camel Injury in limb
Cat Sign of fighting in life
Dog Meeting of a new and very good friend
Elephant Success and gain
Fall from any animal Problem and worries
Fish pound Gain due to some opposite sex
Goat Pleasing journey
Horse riding Success in life
Lion Death of some enemy
Lizard Sudden gain in finance or money
Monkeys Health ailment which can convert in to chronic illness
Peacock Happy news
Pigeon seeing Good news
Rabbit Gain of love of opposite sex
Scorpio Worries in life
Seeing an owl Health problem and sorrow
Sleeping animal Problem are near to you but you may not get affected
Snake Peace in life, but not good for pregnant lady
Speaking crow Bad news
White animal Gain in business
White snake Gain in life but not good for pregnant lady


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