Education helps to expands the knowledge or cheat the public

The article, my nature, your nature and the nature of everything reveals a perfects repetitions in our knowledge base. Our so-called intellects are telling lies. Our understanding on nature have not even improved a single bit. It remains the same. You many not believe it. Our scientific experiments, logic, rationality does not help humanity in understanding the nature. They merely record and fool the public. There is a famous adage, CHEATING TEACHERS TEACH STUDENTS TO CHEAT THE PUBLIC. Almost, all our modern schools and colleges have many cheaters than cheaters. The current social dilemma and social insecurities is a testimony for that.

Our teachers, scientists who get salary from our taxes has to explain why there is such a repetition. Else, the younger generation will take its own course.

Sivashanmugam. P.,
Mobile: +91-9655666148

Your Nature, My Nature and the Nature of Everything


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