Is There Any Limit To The Human Mind?

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Is There Any Limit To The Human Mind? (There is no limit to the thinking power of mind; whereas the human mind has certain limits) During our college days we read so many books immaterial what it was, and we found so many data, information, scientific inventions and discoveries. We wonder and often ask question our self how one can invent huge volume of discoveries and we came to conclusion that the scientist or author’s mind has no boundaries. Later, we confirm our decision when we go to science workshop where the scientist had profound to say, “There is no limit to the human mind”. Like others, we admired this hypothesis but when we think deeper there is a huge contradiction involved which make one to think. I may failing in my duties if I do not express what I think contrast to this phrase. (A teacher-student love story) (In Science workshop) Scientist : There is no limit to the human mind. Student : How?
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Scientist : Because I invented XYZ and this prototype is currently using for country’s development, soon it will make a revolution in Science. So, you have to admire me as this for god sake. Student : I think so… (Later the student met a Prophet accidently and the meeting took place) Student : Mad you sir! We are trying to make our country as a developed nation by inventing something, but you people are wasting time as good for nothing. Prophet : Dear child! What’s your generation’s latest innovation? Student : We are inventing what we want and we thinking beyond our limits. There is a sudden paradigm shift in discoveries and we think that there is no limit to the human mind. Prophet : Alas!! Dear son! What you have said first is absolutely true that there is no limit for our thinking. But later was absolutely false that there is a limit to the human mind. Student : Are you a Scientist or the mathematician or the educationalist? You are not supposed to tell this? Prophet : Dear son! One may not have being a mathematician or so-called educationalist to tell this, just using our common sense can easily solve your query. Student : No limit for thinking but a limit to the mind? I am totally anguished. Prophet : As simple as it is. Go on…
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[Indirect/Direct Speech] In early ages, man thought that the earth was flat until the German scientist Copernicus put forwarded the “Helio-centric” theory which stated that the shape of the earth is Oblate Spheroid. Now, the world superfast computers such as Tianhe-1A or Cray Jaguar do millions of calculations per second, but the man who made the computer can not able to compete to the computer speeds. Can you tell me that the thing which cannot be performed by the man, still to be performed by a man made mad electronic machine? Even the performance of computer is limited to certain extend, may be in forth coming years the advanced version has to come, that means the transformation of idea from previous generation to next generation(Evolution). But the basic principles tend to be same. Why was the invention/discoveries had developed from the chronological order?
 Science or Evolution.
Evolution itself belongs to Science and let we consider evolution as science and science as evolution.
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No limit to human mind means, one need to answer the following questions.
 Did they prove the existence of god?
 Who gave the Sun, so much light? (Big Bang theory (or) Nebular Hypothesis!!)
 Where is the source of water?
 How a new born baby feeds milk from its mother without any instructions?
 Is there any use of religion? What was the contribution of religion to the welfare of mankind, so far??
 Why often scientist use the word “May (or) Might” instead of “Should (or) Must”?
When we try to know something we must apply the basic principles (formulae) and then execute it. If the outcome was wrong, then we don’t know the formula well or we didn’t execute it properly. But the problem is that there is a mistake in the basic principles itself which need to be rectified. The improper formula leads to the wrong outcome. Similarly the improper idea leads to the destruction of mankind. The first law of Thermodynamics states that in any process the total energy of universe remains constant. Now, the modern man is thinking that the thing beyond his limit can be performed by computers. Therefore he thoughts that he can do everything in the universe with the help of the machine and he thought there is absolutely no limit to human mind.
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So far, he tried to bring everything under computer’s control, which cannot be executed. Because the Nature has its own way and it doesn’t comes under the man’s way. How a man can think there is no limit to human mind by simply inventing Computer, Satellite, Space ship etc, Nuclear weapons, Currency etc… Can computer work without the power? Can Satellite revolve around the earth without any frequency? Can Space ship travels without the fuel? Can Nuclear weapons work without the radioactive materials? Moreover, all of these require command or instruction from the man to be executed. How can you tell that the machine/device can’t work without other physical system has no limit? No limit means there is neither having initiation, elongation or termination nor have any fundamental units and it is purely eternal. Like,
 The nature has no limit.
 The Universe has no limit.
 Mother’s love has no limit.
 Learning has no limit.
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 Feeling of ecstasy has no limit.
 Thinking power of mind has no limit.
Limit of human mind ≠ Thinking power of human mind. Human mind needs knowledge to invent something which it (mind) again depends on Science. It has limit. Whereas, thinking power of mind doesn’t need any knowledge or wisdom. Even an uneducated, mentally challenged person can able to think. It has no limit or boundary. A thing which cannot be able to think doesn’t mean that the thing is unavailable. But our lack of mind over such thing seems to be that thing is unavailable. Always remember, the null set {0} is not an empty set { }. With all these aspects, I consider there is a limit to the human mind. Student : Yes, your statement seems to be implicit. Yet I have some sets of questions in my mind which remains unanswered. If there is a limit to the human mind, then
 Where the limit starts and where it ends?
 What is the extreme of “limit”?
Prophet : Good question. It starts when you born and it ends when you will die but your limit will be living in the world for some period of time even after your death provided you deserve it. That is the extreme (limit) of limit.
(Example : The literature works of Thiruvalluvar, Bharathiyar, Leo Tolstoy, Shakespeare and virtues of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and
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Leadership of Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro and Communism of Che Guavera, Karl Marx and discoveries of Einsten, Newton and Humor of Chaplin will remain for some time. That is the extreme of their limit.) Student : What to say? I understood the reality. How I will become free from errors? Prophet : Son, No one is perfect. By knowing yourself thoroughly keep yourself free from errors. Look back in to our oldest school of thoughts; they were thought the Philosophy and Moral Science by teaching the Upanishads. Nowadays there is no moral as science in school itself. Just a newly minded diamond need to be properly cut and polished, like that a fresh mind need to be taught Moral more than Science and Technology. So be moral and rational if you want to be perfect by knowing yourself. KNOW YOURSELF. (Now, the student starts his journey in search of knowledge of knowing himself.) NOTE: I hereby declare that this work is independently done by me and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. If I mentioned anything wrong, kindly apologize me. ARUN MOZHI . P.,

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