You say that you work restlessly. What do you mean by ‘work’?

Hello brothers and sisters, hell with our teachers! Our teachers are the most efficient and effective cheaters. They earn their bread and butter by confusing us. Their honesty is highly questionable.Some idiots keep on writing some big big books which threaten our humanity, peace of mind. The question papers are even worse. I know that I am not a wise guy. But, I know how to cheat the teachers, that means, I know what those idiots know.

My beloved friends, the stupid lots taken from heaven, keep on insulting me – study, study, study. What the bullshit I have to study? There is nothing to study. Another bunch of idiots they have grown to a great height by working day and night. Another set of idiots say that they are working like a donkey. Another group of pimps say that they are working day to find perfect men who can fulfill the itch of the unsatisfied woman. Another group claim that they are working day and night to find AIDS vaccine. Another group is shaking test tubes in their brothel day and night to see some muggots or flies or some shit to come out. Another group is doing dream work. Another set do the masterbuation work. Another group is doing the political work of disintegrating the families. Another group is doing the managerial work of exporting women for higher ups. What he hell the word – work means?

I always have some bottles of wine and sleep with the dogs in the roadside. Dogs have pity on me. They offer a lot of protection in the night. You cannot touch me because they will chase you. No human loves me so much. The dogs love my soul. Such is my nature. In short, I do not work and I booze and sleep all the time. I know no work. I do no work. One fine day morning I started searching for work. I was not knowing the meaning of the word – ‘work’. Everyone spoke of their work and everyone advised me to do some work. I was not knowing what is meant by work. I was searching the useless English dictionaries. I lost. I lost everything. No page gave any comprehensible meaning of the term ‘work’. I was little upset. Then I thought of asking another drunk fellow Arunmozhi. He was serving as a professor in some shit college which is nearby a brothel.

Professor Arunmozhi said, ‘when you say that a work is done then there must be an application of force and a displacement should be observed.’ He offered some funny examples to illustrate this.
For example you say that you open the whisky bottle. You have to open the cap, you have to apply a force. Sometimes, you will see that the cap is displaced and many times you will call the bar attender to open it. You have to say that you have applied the force but no work is done if the cap is not displaced. That is, there is no displacement. There is zero displacement. The displacement becomes zero. You can say that only if you apply the force and only if the the cap is displaced. Funny professor! Some times if you apply the force in a wrong direction instead of displacing the cap, you will break the bottle. So, the direction of application of force is more important. Some time you have to apply a mild force and some time you have to apply a strong force. That is the strength of the force. Idiots often call it as magnitude.

I understood something. I became a professor to my friends who read several books to understand this simple stuff. There is a nightmare topic called scientific methods – separation techniques, isolation techniques, measurement techniques, counting techniques.
Separation is a work. Separation is the work done through techniques like centrifugation, chromatography, electrophoresis and other techniques. If you say that separation is the work done, then you have apply a force and observe a displacement.
In case of centrifugation, you apply the centrifugal force and observe a displacement which which measured in terms of svedberg units.
In case of electrophoresis, you apply the electrical force and observe a displacement.
In case of paper chromatography, the force is the gravitational force and observe a displacement.

Any two things which move identically under all conditions cannot be separated.

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