Find out the root cause of corruption and eliminate it

Find out the root cause of corruption and eliminate it.
There are two major factors which leads to corruption:
1. Inaction of the law. I mean there are laws, but they are not implemented.
2. failure to teach against corruption. The core cause of corruption is the cheating teachers. The young minds learn to cheat each other from their teachers. Cheating teachers teach students to cheat each other. I can very openly say many of my friends had became corrupt politicians because of their teachers. Few of my friends have been branded as terrorists because of their teachers. Politicians are just victims of the situation. Terrorists are again the vicitims of the situation. The root cause is something else. It is the third rated teachers who should be punished.
Students learn to cheat. From whom the students learn? From their teachers.
99 % of the teachers do not read the answer scripts. If you carefully analyze the marks received by the students it will tell you the horror side. A test is conducted to differentiate the potentials of students. Whereas, all most all students get 60-80 in their examinations. That means, the test had failed to serve its purpose.
Secondly, the really intelligent students get very low marks while the undeserving students get more than 70. The student comes to college/school so that he can study and get through his life. What our beloved teachers do? They cheat. The do not deliver their duties properly. Who are these Ph. Ds? They are the junks who neither know what is ‘A’ or ‘Z’. There junks become the directors of institutes or principals or the professors? The same loop of nepotism goes on.
Who am I to say all these? I am the Professor who had been terminated from Service from Jamal Mohamed College on the grounds of asking about the integrity of its principal! Of course, I do not want to call myself as teacher anymore. Forget about qualificiations. Destroy the ‘certificate culture. Look at the humanity.

Yours truly,

Sivashanmugam. P.,

2, First street, New Colony,
Tiruchirappalli – 620020 – India

Mobile: +91-9655666148

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