Imagine a vast wheat field

Imagine a vast wheat field. Any sensory input is akin to someone walking through that field. Every time it’s repeated the path becomes more visible (actually making it quicker to walk the path). That path will lead to somewhere within the field and the more people there the larger that space becomes.

Other paths, also formed by sensory inputs, criss cross the field and interconnect creating a large network of paths that lead to various centres in the field.

These paths create what are variously known as instinct, habit, reactions. Interestingly, as many if not more people are returning down the path from the centre to create action in various parts of the body.

Essentially, knowledge expands through sensory inputs creating wider paths, largers centres and greater interconnections.

It’s no coincidence a map of the universe, a country and the brain look similar, large centres of energy with mutliple connecting strands.

Yours truly,

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