Knowledge: Elastic or Plastic?

plastic is elastic to a degree however its general circumference remains inelastic ,that is with out changing state , the problem with elastic

although it may go the distance,it may not be able to carry much volume do to narrowing during the stretching phase ,

if we look at knowledge as being plastic we could say that you could take a reasonable look at the situation given the flexibility and stability of surface tension, have a good surface to lay the facts we find in our given perception,

now compared to an elastic knowledge we can stretch perception but does the distortion of surface tension cause our collected perception to be deformed and loose knowledge/wisdom gained, it could be said that the plastic approach has less risk, but the nature of mother says that risk must be taken to achieve greatness, to move out of ones comfort zone.

so to answer the question it can be both and for a safe outcome both must be incorporated into our development of knowledge otherwise we regurgitate what we here or cannot share what has been discovered, which is better , the truth, knowledge that creates peace and prosperity, knowledge that surpasses the quarrels that our global family faces today right now ,and sets a fair and just constitution that eradicates pest and tyrants and replaces them with peaceful respectful human beings there will always be friction it would be foolish to omit this because with out it , we have no brakes, conflict is as natural as spring water, however war mongers setting countries against each other is not part of the equation, this is just a global scam by a group of people that we are controlled by


You will discover the same laws of nature in anything and everything irrespective of your research

You will discover the same laws of nature in anything and everything irrespective of your research. People often think that they will discover different laws of nature in different things, or they have been made to believe so.
A close inspection will reveal that you will discover the same laws of nature as I do.



Rahu and Ketu


Rahu and Ketu have been considered as Grahas in Vedic astrology. They have no physical identity but only mathematically calculated sensitive points having immense influence on the natives of earth.
Moon in its orbit, on a northerly course from South to North, crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of Sun). This point of intersection is known as Rahu or Dragons head. 180 degrees away from this point, Moon on its southerly course crosses the ecliptic. This point is called the dragon’s tail or Ketu.
Rahu and Ketu are unique to our system or astrology. Why so much stress on the point of intersection of the ecliptic is given has to be understood. While sun is the body and Moon is the mind the intersection is bound to give immense effect.
Rahu and Ketu are not stationary in space but have a mean motion of about 19 degrees and 30 minutes in a year. It means it takes about 18 years and 6 months to make a revolution around the Earth. This motion is retrograde. There is a concept of Mean Rahu and True Rahu. In Hindu astrology we take the true position of Rahu and Ketu.
This story relates to the great churning of the ocean by the Devas and the Asuras to take out Amrita. Lord Vishnu with the intention of preserving good made it a point that the Amrita should not go to the Asuras. To ensure this he took the form of Mohini. Mohini so maneuvered the sitting arrangement that she got to the Devtas first. The Asura to understand this trick was Swarbhanu. He took the form of Devas and positioned himself in between Sun and Moon. When his term came he also received Amrita from the disguised Lord Vishnu. Before Swarbhanu could drink the Amrita Sun and Moon identified it. Lord Vishnu severed off his head with his Sudarshan Chakra. However, some drops of Amrita had gone down hence both the head and body became immortal. The head represents Rahu and Tail is Ketu.
The severed head was taken by Simihika the mother of Asura Swarbhanu and nursed patiently. The head over a period of time got the body of Serpent and he was named Rahu. A Brahmin named Mini took the body. He brought up this body as his own son. To this body Lord Vishnu granted a serpents head. This became Ketu who in the due course of time became a saintly and revered seer.
Rahu and Ketu have not forgiven Sun and Moon for exposing them and they cause Eclipse.
Astrological Significance:
Rahu is the significator of the following as per Uttara Kalamrita.
a) Faulty Logic b) Harsh speech c) Outcaste d) an irreligious person e) going to a foreign country f) Unclean g) Bones h) abdominal ulcers i) Falsehood j) South western direction k) serpents l) Old age m) Maternal grand father n) Worship of Vana Durga o) Writing Urdu or Persian (Because these two languages start from right hand side, written in reversed manner, like Rahu and Ketu’s movement in Zodiac, which is retrograde or Apsavya move. p) Breathing q) Acute duodenal pain.
It is observed that a strong Rahu is good for the above mentioned significations and weak Rahu shows just the opposite.
Ketu is the significator of following as per Uttara Kalamrita
a) Worship of Chandi, Ganesh and others b) Medical practitioner c) Vultures d) Final emancipation e) Consumption f) Painful fevers g) Bath in Gangesh h) Great penance i) Wind complaints j) Mantra Shastra k) Instability of mind l) Diseases of the stomach and eye m) Vedanta n) Grandfather o) Small pox or boils p) A servant of Shiva q) Association with foreigner or Shudras.
It is observed that a strong Ketu generally gives good result and a malefic Ketu creates lots of hindrances in life.
Other Astrological Considerations:
Rahu is in own house in Kanya Rashi. It is exalted when placed in Vrishabha Rashi while it is debilitated when placed in Vrischik Rashi. However, there are divergent views on this. Some authorities take the Exaltation and Debilitation points as Mithuna and Dhanu respectively. It is said that Rahu gives Yogkaraka result if placed in Cancer Karkata Rashi. However, it has to be noted that being a Chhaya Grah it gives results based on the planetary influences. It is generally observed that with a benefic or in benefic influence it gives very good result. It is generally considered as a good planet for worldly comforts. However, there is lots of Maya attached with Rahu. In modern times Rahu represents Computers, Internet and Mass Media.
Rahu is friendly to Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. It considers Sun and Moon as its enemy and towards Mercury it is Neutral.
Ketu is exalted when it is placed in Scorpio Vrischik rashi and debilitated when placed in the Vrishabha Rashi. However, some authorities have given the Exaltation and Debilitation point as Dhanu and Mithuna respectively. It has to be said that Ketu is more towards spiritual side and is the Karaka for final emancipation whereas Rahu is more towards worldly pleasures. Again it has to be said that being a Chhaya Graha gives results according to associations.
However, in spite of having number of ancient texts extensively dealing with various signs of exaltation and debilitation of Rahu and Ketu there exists significant amount of controversy over the same.
Ketu is friendly to Mars, Venus and Saturn. It considers Sun and Moon as his enemies and towards Mercury and Jupiter it is Neutral.



19 May, 2011 19:51

The name of the place comes from three animals, Sri (spider), Kala (snake) and Hasti (elephant) who worshipped Shiva and gained salvation here. A statue that shows all three animals is situated in the main shrine.
The Skanda Purana, Shiva Purana and Linga Purnas have a mention about Srikalahasti. The Skanda Purana says that Arjuna visited this place, worshipped Kalahastiswara and met the sage Bharadwaja on the top of the hill. It is believed that Kannappa (also known as Bhakta Kannappa), a tribal devotee has worshipped Siva at Srikalahasti. Tamil saints Nayanars like Appar , Sundarar and Sambanthar praised the deity in their hyms tevaram.
Brahma, the Hindu God of creation, is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva and bathed in the swarnamukhi river to get rid of “sisuhathya patakam” (the sin of killing children).
The river Swarnamukhi got its name from a belief that gold was found in its stream. Swarna means gold and Swarnamukhi means gold faced in Sanskrit.
The sukabrahmashram was established by a noted scholar (equally well versed in Sanskrit and English) called Sri Vidya Prakasananda Giri Swamy. He is known for his knowledge on Hindu philosophy. He delivered many talks on Hindu Dharma. His short stories are much talked about among the folklore. The main characterestic of his stories is the lucidity in style that makes the essence of the story understandable, even to a layman.
The famous Puttalamma temple which is located in Thondamanadu (Near Srikalahasti) and the Perumal temple has been recently acquired by TTD. This temple was built by Thondaman Chakravarthi (King of Thondamanadu), one can find some antique items there.



Shri Gnanaprasunambika – Sarvam Sakthi Mayam

Lord Siva created a big ocean there at are exact spot of meditation to disturb her penance with i s turbulent tempests and dreadful aquatic animals. Mother Gowri remained unmoved, but when the trouble shot up to the highest extreme, Durga drank up the entire jalarasi with animals in it Calm returned anon. The tapas thus went on unhindered impressed with the unshakable constancy, Lord Siva gave darsan on the Pournami day of the Pushya masa falling in Pushyami Nakshatra and fulfilled her desire of learning the Siva Panchakshari Mantra. No sooner did she receive it than she practised it in strict accordance with its tenets. She emerged soon and appeared in her unparalleled physical radiance and incomparable intellectual effulgence on account of Sivagnana premeating her entire physical frame.
As the Sivagnana flowered in her to the fullest extent, she was fittingly named Ganana Prasunambika. Lord Siva pleased at the outcome, remained here with her since then And also granted the ardent desire of Durga to change her form the frightful aspect into a golden-hued, graceful, radiant form, pleasant to look and fit to be propitiated by all. She is called Kanaka Durga since then. And she is assigned a beautiful shrine atop the nearby hill Devotees pray to this goddess with equal fervour on their visit to this holy kshetra.



Theory of Knowledge

 adj. of or relating to or using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation. (Princeton Word
 n. rules, suggestions, guides, or techniques that may be useful in making progress toward a solution of
a problem. (
Webster’s put it this way: “the art and science of discovery and invention.” The word comes from the same
Greek root (`ευρισκω) as “eureka,” meaning “to find”. A heuristic is a way of directing your attention
fruitfully. (
We must realize that this diagram is only a tool – a heuristic tool – to help us conceptualize and think about
knowledge. The I.B. TOK powers-that-be decided this was an appropriate way to dissect and understand
knowledge and knowing. And so we will use this diagram to structure our course. Memorize it, think about it,
and dwell on it because we will constantly refer to it.




Agal Vilakku

Vilakke, Thiru vilakke, Vendan Udan pirappe,
Jothi mani vilakke Seedevi, pon maniye
Anthi vilakke, Alangara nayagiye,
Kanthi vilakke, Kamakshi Thayare,
Pasum pon Vilakku vaithu, panju thiri pottu,
Kulam pol ennai vittu, Kolamudan yethi vaithen.

Lamp, holy lamp, who is the sibling of the king,
Lamp which has flame, Goddess Lakshmi, Golden darling,
Lamp of the night, The decorated Goddess,
Lamp that is bright, mother Kamakshi,
I have kept a lamp made of gold, put a wick made of cotton,
Poured oil like a pond and lit it along with a rangoli.

Yethinen ney vilakku, endhan kudi vilanga,
Vaithen thiru vilakku, maligayum thaan vilanga,
Maligayil jothiyulla mathavai kandu magizhnden naan.

I lit a ghee lamp, so that my family will prosper,
I kept a holy lamp so that my home will prosper,
I became happy on seeing you in my house,
As the mother with light.

Mangalya pichai, madi pichai tharum amma,
SAnthana pichayudan, danangalum tharum amma,
Petti niraya bhooshangal tharum amma,
Patti niraya pal pasuvai tharum amma,
Kottagai niraya kudiraigalai tharum amma,
Pugazh udambai tharum amma, Pakathil nillum amma,
Allum pakalum endhan andayile nillum amma.

Mother give alms of long life to my husband and children,
Mother along with Children give me also wealth,
Mother give me jewels that would fill up a box.
Mother give me milking cows to fill up my garden,
Mother please give me horses to fill the stables,
Mother give me a famous body, Mother stand near me,
And mother all the twenty four hours stand near me,


Sevithezhunden, devi vadivam kanden,
Vacchira kiredam kanden, Vaidoorya meni kanden.
Muthu kondai kanden, muzhu pachai maalai kanden,
Chavuri mudi kanden, Thazhai madal choozh kanden,
Pinnazhagu kanden, pirai pole nethi kanden,
Santhudan nethi kanden, thayar vadivam kanden
Kamala thiru mugathil Kasthuri pottu kanden,
Kai valayal kala kala venna kaniyazhi minna kanden,
Thanga odyanam thaga thaga vena jolikka kanden,
Kalir chilambu kanden kalazhi peeli kanden,
Mangala nayigayai manam kulira kandu magizhnden naan,
Annaye Arum thunaye arugil irundhu karumamma,
Vanda vinayagathi Maha bagyam tharum amma,
Thayarum unthan thaladiyil Charanam endren,
Madahve undan malaradiyil naan paniden.

I saluted her by bowing at her feet and saw the form of the Goddess,
I saw her diamond crown, I saw her body shining like cat’s eye gem,
I saw in her lotus like face, the thilaka of musk,
I saw her bangles making sound and also shine,
I saw her gold waist along with belt shining with light,
I saw anklets in her leg, I saw peacock feathers decorating her feet,
I saw the goddess of goodness so that my mind is filled with joy,
Oh Mother, Oh great help, be near me and protect me,
Remove the bad fate coming to me and give me great luck,
I told that I am surrendering at your feet, mother,
Oh mother, I bow at your lotus like feet.

After reading this one has to prostrate 16 times, Then we should ask the boons that we want from Deepa Lakshmi (The goddess Lakshmi who is the lamp) again and again.

Sarva mangala Mangalye,
Shive sarvartha sadhake,
Saranye tryabike devi,
Narayani namosthuthe.

Oh Goddess who is a giver of all good things, who is peaceful,
Who is a giver of all wealth, who can be relied upon,
Who has three eyes and who is golden in colour,
Our salutations to you, Narayani.