create a map of life

Okay. Fess up! You are not from this planet originally, are you? If so, just where exactly (or, if you are not allowed to say exactly, then whereabouts) are you from? If you can only give me hints, is it from what a place that we Earthlings would call a planet, a star, a moon, or other space-borne spherical semi-solid mass of matter? Were you born (or whatever term you folks use for becoming ‘present’ from previously being ‘non-present’) as a mass of matter or did you become present as a non-material energy having the ability (or non-ability for that MATTER -> Haaa! Pun intended!) to assume matter mass from elsewhere or form it from elementalesque building blocks as available it the immediate proximal environment? If your ‘people’ would think it not cool for you to disclose such info on the EP Q&A forum you may PM me. I won’t freak out or tell anyone. Trust me. I can handle it. In fact I’ve been sort of waiting and expecting to finally meet you ‘guys’ ever since I first read about Roswell. Did you know the poor saps who crashed at Roswell? You didn’t like, hang out with them and quaff some astro fluid in some galactic pub before they decided to buzz Earth did you? Like, were they doing what we Earthlings would call “drunken driving”? Is that WHY they crashed at Roswell? As you can see, I have tons of questions for you folks! Too much to discuss online. If you need to abduct me, the best time for that would be after work on Friday so you can bring me back by Sunday evening. That way nobody will get suspicious. Oh, and can I bring my ipod? It’s not a weapon. It’s just a tiny music player.

Freedom from fear is all we need to be concerned with, ‘Manuals’ are just an attempt to create a map of life which denigrates the need for us to accept the changing nature of reality. Acceptance of change, and the flux of the unpredictable elements of existence is what makes us strong. Stop concerning yourself with the proclamations of gurus – life can never be skewered with a pin. It is always changing, always adapting and none of the prophets can ever change that. Just see it for what it is, a momentary flash – there is no comfort, no certainty, no answers, and no knowledge of meaning. “those who speak of it do not know it, and those who know it can not express it’. The first line of the Tao te Ching, for instance, says, “The Tao that can be spoken of, is not the eternal Tao” – Many more examples I could quote also. It’s simply not worth listening to other people’s viewpoints on life, because they are not your own… But then, don’t listen to me, I’m just an idiot. Use your instincts and your intellect and inner reflections to work out the answer to where your true nature lies. Nobody else can ever have as full and great an answer as that.


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