Where am I going in life?

I’m just kinda lost, have been most of my childhood. I’m only 18, but as far as I remember I was never happy. I’m finishing school and starting at uni in September. Most people would be excited about this, but despite my efforts to do good in school i’m unable to achieve high grades to go to a good university, so i’m going to one of the worst in London, which i’m not looking forward too.

It also means I’ll be separated from my best friend (my only real friend to be honest), only one who I ever really laugh with, as he’s going to a different uni far away on the other side of the country. To be honest I may not even manage to get into university anyway, leading me to think where am I going in life.

I’ve got absolutely no talents other than being able to do most push ups in my class. That’s not really a talent. I’ve never been in a relationship before either so don’t have a clue about being with a partner or anything, of course I’ve had feelings for people, one in particular who was amazing, but she had a boyfriend and I only ever met her a few times, she was amazing though, but apparently it was not meant to be.

I just don’t really know about anything any more. I’ve barely got a family, the family I do have just argue with each other. I live with my mum, and my relationship with her isn’t great. I feel really alone. I understand this barely qualifies as a question, I just don’t really have anybody to talk to about anything. I feel so blank.

Yours truly,

Sivashanmugam Palaniappan
13/1, Rasagoundan Pudur,
Manappalli – 637017 – India
Mobile: +91-7305737337
What is the mechanism by which human knowledge expands?


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