19 May, 2011 19:51

The name of the place comes from three animals, Sri (spider), Kala (snake) and Hasti (elephant) who worshipped Shiva and gained salvation here. A statue that shows all three animals is situated in the main shrine.
The Skanda Purana, Shiva Purana and Linga Purnas have a mention about Srikalahasti. The Skanda Purana says that Arjuna visited this place, worshipped Kalahastiswara and met the sage Bharadwaja on the top of the hill. It is believed that Kannappa (also known as Bhakta Kannappa), a tribal devotee has worshipped Siva at Srikalahasti. Tamil saints Nayanars like Appar , Sundarar and Sambanthar praised the deity in their hyms tevaram.
Brahma, the Hindu God of creation, is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva and bathed in the swarnamukhi river to get rid of “sisuhathya patakam” (the sin of killing children).
The river Swarnamukhi got its name from a belief that gold was found in its stream. Swarna means gold and Swarnamukhi means gold faced in Sanskrit.
The sukabrahmashram was established by a noted scholar (equally well versed in Sanskrit and English) called Sri Vidya Prakasananda Giri Swamy. He is known for his knowledge on Hindu philosophy. He delivered many talks on Hindu Dharma. His short stories are much talked about among the folklore. The main characterestic of his stories is the lucidity in style that makes the essence of the story understandable, even to a layman.
The famous Puttalamma temple which is located in Thondamanadu (Near Srikalahasti) and the Perumal temple has been recently acquired by TTD. This temple was built by Thondaman Chakravarthi (King of Thondamanadu), one can find some antique items there.




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