Shri Gnanaprasunambika – Sarvam Sakthi Mayam

Lord Siva created a big ocean there at are exact spot of meditation to disturb her penance with i s turbulent tempests and dreadful aquatic animals. Mother Gowri remained unmoved, but when the trouble shot up to the highest extreme, Durga drank up the entire jalarasi with animals in it Calm returned anon. The tapas thus went on unhindered impressed with the unshakable constancy, Lord Siva gave darsan on the Pournami day of the Pushya masa falling in Pushyami Nakshatra and fulfilled her desire of learning the Siva Panchakshari Mantra. No sooner did she receive it than she practised it in strict accordance with its tenets. She emerged soon and appeared in her unparalleled physical radiance and incomparable intellectual effulgence on account of Sivagnana premeating her entire physical frame.
As the Sivagnana flowered in her to the fullest extent, she was fittingly named Ganana Prasunambika. Lord Siva pleased at the outcome, remained here with her since then And also granted the ardent desire of Durga to change her form the frightful aspect into a golden-hued, graceful, radiant form, pleasant to look and fit to be propitiated by all. She is called Kanaka Durga since then. And she is assigned a beautiful shrine atop the nearby hill Devotees pray to this goddess with equal fervour on their visit to this holy kshetra.




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