Theory of Knowledge

 adj. of or relating to or using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation. (Princeton Word
 n. rules, suggestions, guides, or techniques that may be useful in making progress toward a solution of
a problem. (
Webster’s put it this way: “the art and science of discovery and invention.” The word comes from the same
Greek root (`ευρισκω) as “eureka,” meaning “to find”. A heuristic is a way of directing your attention
fruitfully. (
We must realize that this diagram is only a tool – a heuristic tool – to help us conceptualize and think about
knowledge. The I.B. TOK powers-that-be decided this was an appropriate way to dissect and understand
knowledge and knowing. And so we will use this diagram to structure our course. Memorize it, think about it,
and dwell on it because we will constantly refer to it.





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