Knowledge: Elastic or Plastic?

plastic is elastic to a degree however its general circumference remains inelastic ,that is with out changing state , the problem with elastic

although it may go the distance,it may not be able to carry much volume do to narrowing during the stretching phase ,

if we look at knowledge as being plastic we could say that you could take a reasonable look at the situation given the flexibility and stability of surface tension, have a good surface to lay the facts we find in our given perception,

now compared to an elastic knowledge we can stretch perception but does the distortion of surface tension cause our collected perception to be deformed and loose knowledge/wisdom gained, it could be said that the plastic approach has less risk, but the nature of mother says that risk must be taken to achieve greatness, to move out of ones comfort zone.

so to answer the question it can be both and for a safe outcome both must be incorporated into our development of knowledge otherwise we regurgitate what we here or cannot share what has been discovered, which is better , the truth, knowledge that creates peace and prosperity, knowledge that surpasses the quarrels that our global family faces today right now ,and sets a fair and just constitution that eradicates pest and tyrants and replaces them with peaceful respectful human beings there will always be friction it would be foolish to omit this because with out it , we have no brakes, conflict is as natural as spring water, however war mongers setting countries against each other is not part of the equation, this is just a global scam by a group of people that we are controlled by


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