The uniform nature of physical laws is the hallmark of science

The uniform nature of physical laws is the hallmark of science. What works for me, will work for you. Gravity on Earth works the same way as gravity on the moon or on Venus or in the Andromeda Galaxy. Further, we find the same physical laws throughout time. And, in fact, we can test many of these things by looking through the lens of astronomy looking not only away in space but time. We find the same natural laws at present throughout.

My opponents argument is a logical argument from ignorance. “I don’t see how this could happen, so it must not be true.”

“It is complete madness to say that you will discover the same laws of nature in anything and everything. If all are governed by the same laws of nature, what is the origin of difference?”

The argument, in effect, boils down to a question. What is the origin of difference?

Chaos, as it turns out, arises out of simple rules. From Conway’s Game of Life following couple simple rules and being able to produce a Turing Complete computers (while everything obeys the same rules). to fractals, where the same rules can give rise to complex structures like ferns and trees. We get a rather stunning truth, that when everything is the same at one level, you can have infinite complexity at another level. So even being made of a mostly the same few simple building blocks, you can build cows or elm trees, skate parks or skyscrapers, dead barren wastes of planets or rich vibrant life-filled worlds like Earth.


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