Ponmagal Scandal: SAVE ANNA UNIVERSITY Tiruchirappalli


Save the reputation of Anna University from unqualified, crooked persons.

The mail is sent to everyone in order to bring out the kind attention individual towards academic non regulations and corruption in the lower level of the higher education system with the help of the administrators.

The following persons who hold key positions at Anna university, Trichy are real threats to the academic circle with their bogus Ph.D works. With the help of the top officials, they are going to soon receive Ph.D in this month itself.

1. Mr. M. Bala Singh Moses, with the register number 2006319127, Dept of EEE, Anna University Chennai, under the guidance of Dr. P. Lakshmi, has submitted his research thesis, and he is having Viva-Voce examination on coming Monday (16/04/2011).

The thesis submitted by him in the faculty of electrical engineering, the quality of the thesis is not up to the mark with U.G degree itself. The work did by him entitled “An Effective Service Oriented Model for Power system Transient Stability Analysis” is just an application of web services, the application can be created by anybody, even a diploma holder with knowledge of web services may write the application program with in a day or two, so it should not be considered as a research work and there is no research at all in that work.
The journal he has published paper is a paid journal; This is not a listed journal and has no impact factor at all.

The Anna university currently following some standards to accept the thesis, University is having list of journals, if a scholar publishes a paper on that journals allowed to submit the thesis, Mr. Bala Singh moses violated that rule, he submitted the paper in the journal named International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering with the ISSN: 1793-8198 (for online) and 1793-8163 (Print Version), but actually, Anna University Chennai is referring the journal Computer and Electrical Engineering with ISSN: 0045-7906 published by Elsevier. But the journal Mr. M. Bala Singh Moses published differs from that and having only some name matching is there, by using the name matching he confusing (or influencing) the authorities to accepts his thesis. The journal what he published is collecting a 100USD to publish an article, anybody who sent a paper without any significant, the journal will publish the paper, so that journal paper should not be considered as a paper of his research and all other journal he published is also having the same story, so please verify the journal once again and award him a thesis, otherwise please remove the list of the journals from your web site and accepts every bodies thesis for the award of PhD. This is our kind request please verify the quality and trust of the scholar.
The reviewer – both national and international is only for name sake and without sending it to them, by misusing the influence of the former vice chancellor of AUT, V.Ramachandran has merely accepted and forwarded it for money.

For your kind reference the paper published by him is attached with this mail.

2. What is the need to transfer the Ph.D work of Mr.Venkatesan,(faculty of civil engg.) working as special officer of Panruti campus and Mrs. Ponmagal, working with so many portfolios at Anna university, Trichy from AU chennai to AU trichy?
This is merely under the influence of the higher officials of AU Trichy. None of them have published good research papers and have produced a poor quality Ph.D work ever. The transfer is purely intentional and once again reviewer policy is not followed. No national or foreign reviewer is sent their reports and fake reports have been prepared for an early award of Ph.D to them. Venkatesan is already awarded Ph.D and still Ponmagal is remaining to receive it in this month itself.

The authorities are requested to stop these bogus works of Moses, Ponmagal and Venkatesan, all of them have published in paid journal papers and have not produced any good research output. All of them are holding key positions at AU Trichy and with misuse of power they are in the process of getting Ph.D and soon desiring to get professor posts by making deliberate open call for the post by the authorities.

Save Anna universities from the losing reputation and recognition by these people.
If the authorities fail to take action to stop these people, a writ will be filed in this week itself at the Madurai high court claiming more action against not only the Ph.D work but also on the background of these people, the way which they are recruited to the university, the powers they are given unlawfully.

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4 Responses to Ponmagal Scandal: SAVE ANNA UNIVERSITY Tiruchirappalli

  1. suraj says:

    I have read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create such a wonderful informative web site. Thank you so much.

  2. Dr.K.Balu says:

    Dear friend
    As a former Dean of AU know the academicscandals from 1999-2010
    But who cares?
    there are Anna Universities VC’s without research projects, no standard parers to their credits,ph.d thesis plagiarism etc.

    A open debate ,I will provide more data

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear friend

    Not only this person.there are many persons in anna university having publications only in paid journals.

  4. Akash says:

    Dear Friend
    I am really surprised and shocked to hear this news.As an alumini of Anna Unversity Chennai, I strongly recommend stict and punishable action against these persons and prove to the world that only true researchers can get the degree. Those who really graduated from Anna University are ashamed to hear this. Suitable action is a must at this time.

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