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I wish I had been more prepared this helped me get back on my feet miracles really do exist imagine what you could do
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The Final Edition of Knowledge Expansion Manual

No one would have spend such a huge amount of money and time to draft the knowledge expansion manual. It is not a one day work.
Hope this helps people in understanding their knowledge in a better manner


Photo finish

The intellectual system is going for a photo finish. I ya go, many even do not know what is meant by photo finish.

That is the sadest state of affairs.
May hell and heaven help us understand each other



Shri Mahalakshmi’s version of Knowledge Expansion Manual – Final Edition

The highly simplified version of knowledge expansion manual.

I hope it can be used by students
May this help you too



Student Edition – Knowledge Expansion Manual

This is the final edition of the knowledge expansion manual.
Hope this helps to expand your knowledge.



Knowledge Expansion Manual – Student Edition

This simple, direct, useful and usable manual is based on the ultimate, self-evident, fundamental principle that you will find the same laws of nature in anything and everything. For teachers, this manual is a ‘teaching manual’ to guide students; for researchers this is an ‘investigators manual’; for philosophers this a ‘philosophers manual’; and for students this is ‘knowledge expansion manual.’

Enjoy it.



Photons are divisible

photons are divisible. Here is the explanation